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A fast way for elementary and secondary
schools to seamlessly & securely track, manage, & share student academic files with
educational organizations.

StudentDoxCentral makes it easy

StudentDoxCentral simplifies the exchange of records

Everyone who works with children and youth understands the duty of care that comes with handling student records. Too often, this duty is not taken seriously.
FERPA laws protect the privacy rights of students. By using Studentdoxcentral.com, you can rest assure that the exchange of records is secure and efficient. Email is not.
Dox Sharing & Request
Many states require schools to track the number of students who withdraw from their school, and to retain proof of enrollment before sharing student cumulative files.

Requesting proof of enrollment, tracking your communications, and sharing files is secure and easy!
A complete file guarantees that students transition to a new school seamlessly, allows for credits to be granted accordingly, and ensures adequate placement of the pupil.

Request all missing files through one easy to use and secure web-based electronic server.
Whether you are a parent, an LEA or youth organization, requesting or sharing student documents is surely part of your daily work routine, and duty of care.

Share or request a student's file or document with or from several entities in one transaction!


Changing schools is inevitable when parents relocate with their children! They depend on educators to seamlessly communicate and share their child's academic files with the new school.

StudentDoxCentral makes it happen and securely manages student records from one school to another.
  With the continued effort to advocate for and support students, stakeholders often request permission to review student records.

StudentDoxCentral allows you to control who, when, and how stakeholders get access to student files by first vetting the person, and then granting access.
  • Stay confident that all documents are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and security
  • Keep your data secure even when your employees leave
  • Easily view and track transactions
  • Add another level of accountability and support
  • Depend on a secure messaging system
  • Report your mobility rate in real time
  • Download reports
  • Synch your student management system with SDC
  • Time stamp the records shared
  • Account for all shared documents
  • It's a Win-Win for all!

More than 6.5 Million minors change schools yearly in the U.S.

  • Job changer & their children
  • Homeless families or students
  • Financially unstable families
  • Migrant families
  • Foster care children
  • Job changer & their children
  • Homeless families or students
  • Financially unstable families
  • Migrant families
  • Foster care children

We specialize in helping PK-12 schools succeed.