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About Us

Who are we?

I could not have imagined the many barriers awaiting me as a new school counselor. Tasked with evaluating incoming student transcripts, I quickly realized that the process was far from perfect, and often placed the student at a disadvantage. During the past eight years, I’ve had to welcome several hundred incoming out-of-district students, and to request and evaluate their official transcripts. Analyzing a transcript is not always a pleasant process, and involves working through your frustration through the waiting period! As my emails laid dormant in someone’s inbox, my calls were unreturned, and faxes were mistakenly taken by colleagues, I frequently thought “…there must be a better way!!”. 

Parents, more often than not, do not realize that students who transfer into a new school without a complete file end up losing precious instructional time. In my district, if a student comes without an official transcript, s/he is placed in the 9th grade, enrolled in 9th grade classes, and is treated as a ninth grader until the document is received and reviewed. In other districts, students are not allowed to enroll without a transcript in hand. Can you imagine the effect this has on a student’s psyche? Sometimes it takes days, weeks, even months for the transcript to reach my desk… the student has to wait.

Many districts and schools have similar policies.

In an attempt for a quick fix, registrars, school counselors, and anyone working with student records, rely on email to request and share files. As we all know, email is not secure, and widens the possibility for fraud and/or theft. But still, it is the fastest way to obtain documents, and is widely used.

Four years ago, my desire to improve the process of sharing academic records and making it more efficient and reliable morphed into an idea. Two years later, my idea and hours of coding from my business partner, evolved into Studentdoxcentral.com, SDC.

What is the current process used for sharing educational files?

Currently, there is no standard practice for sharing educational files. Schools, school districts, and other educational entities and agencies share “official” documents via email, United Postal Office, hand delivery, and fax. Email, as we know, is not secure. Faxes, although reliable, are often discarded and/or lost among other faxes. Mailed files can take days, and even weeks to reach the school… they can also be easily altered.

Why should my school use SDC?

There are several benefits to using SDC. Security, reliability, and efficiency are our priority. SDC uses progressive, up-to-date applications to ensure that all transmissions are secure. Therefore, each SDC school is verified and vetted. An Admin account holder controls the rights and assigns school officials access. This in turn adds a second vetting level at the school level. The Admin, usually an administrator, designates access rights, remove rights, and can view and manage all transactions started and completed by he users. Everyone given access can view a real time status of transactions. All transactions register under each user’s account, making them easy to track.