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Q: What is StudentDoxCentral?

A: StudentDoxCentral.com, SDC, is the web-based solution for your student transfer and document sharing management needs. Our services focus on helping elementary and secondary school personnel navigate through the student withdrawal and enrollment process seamlessly and securely. Whether you share a student's transcript, report card, attendance record, 504 plan, or request a student's health record, proof of enrollment, IEP or incident report, school personnel apply diligent care and precision for each transmission.

Q: What features does StudentDoxCentral.com offer?

A: StudentDoxCentral.com, SDC, offers five features. As an SDC school, you will benefit from using the secure server to:

The Enrollees feature allows schools to request a student's file through SDC. The request is initiated on SDC, Proof of Enrollment is submitted, and files are shared.

The Withdrawals feature allow schools to upload and submit a student's file, after receiving the Proof of Enrollment Form.

Dox Sharing is the feature used to give access to an academic document of a current student. This function should not be used to enroll or withdraw a student.

Dox Requests is the feature used to request academic documents for a current student or a potential student. This function should not be used to enroll or withdraw a student.

Admin feature allows one school employee to manage the school's account and manage user rights.

Q: Can anyone open an Admin account?

A: No. In order to stay true to our mission, all entities who use SDC must undergo a thorough vetting process. This allows us to ensure legitimacy. Although SDC schools can invite non-SDC schools to transmit a file, we encourage the SDC school to make contact with the school prior to forwarding a student's file. Non-SDC schools do not have the rights to initiate transactions.

Q: How do you vet SDC schools?

A: The vetting process is done in several steps. A meeting(s) is held with the administrator, who enters in a yearly contract with SDC. The school goes through a verification process. Each entity must enter into a contract prior to receiving Admin access.

Q: Does StudentDoxCentral earn the rights to the documents it stores?

A: No! All documents stored on StudentDoxCentral server remain the property of their rightful owner. These documents are uploaded for the sole purpose of maintaining a central database to facilitate and manage who is granted access to student files. Make sure to read the terms of agreement.

Q: Does StudentDoxCentral store confidential files?

A: Yes. StudentDoxCentral stores files, and personal entries. The files and registration information remain on the SDC’s server. The application secures the content of the files through encryption, creating a safe way for the appropriate parties to access the requested files.

Q: How many account users can access SDC?

A: There is not a limit to the number of account user. It is at the discretion of the Admin. We do recommend that you use caution when releasing access to personnel. Only those individuals who are legally allowed to handle and view student records should be given access. The Admin account holder controls who has access to uploading, downloading, and/or accessing files from SDC. There are four types of accounts:

  • Admin: the senior account holder who has access to all functions, and manages other users.
  • Registrar: is granted access by the Admin and has access to the following features: Enrollment, Withdrawal, Dox Share, and Dox Request.
  • Evaluator: is granted access by the Admin or Registrar, can only view documents under the Enrollment and Withdrawal features, and is granted access to Dox Share and Dox Request.
  • Parent/Guardian: read only access is given to parents/guardians to track their request, and is part of the Admin, Registrar, and Evaluator account holder.
Q: How much does your services costs?

A: There are several subscription options:

  • School Subscription.
  • School District Subscription.
  • Non-School Educational Orgnizations.
If you are interested, please contact us! We would be happy to give you more details and get you started!